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Our Story

"Our stories are sometimes our most powerful asset..."

It’s no secret that our society is infatuated with a great story. Books, entertainment, music, and the like are immeasurably popular. This should come as no surprise; most of the successful artists and entertainment types are the best storytellers. 

Stories and testimonies are in many ways what captivates us. Stories are relatable, shareable, evoke emotions, and can inspire us to live up to our best. 

The integral part of real-life stories is that they impact real-life people. We all have a story to share, and hopefully sharing ours inspires you to share yours. 

Our Story

Three years ago, Nebraska Wellness Group started as a pile of ideas on a table. It was a radical belief that healthcare might need something different, something our local community hadn’t quite seen before. We were founded on the premise that relationships are at the core of what we do, and patient-centered quality care was the “why” we do it.


We began that journey through medical weight loss. We saw the need for treating obesity, and the life-changing benefits associated with improved outcomes for these patients. Working alongside our weight loss patients has been as life-changing for our team as it has been for them. 

Even though we’ve changed hundreds of lives through our weight loss programs, it has only revealed a greater need for help elsewhere.

We’ve realized Americans are in an era of teetering precipice in healthcare. Rising costs and limited accessibility have, in some ways, fractured the trust of the public. We believe healthcare can adapt to meet these needs, and we believe we can do better. 


As we move forward, we look towards other avenues of care. Primary care services, sleep medicine, mental health and psychiatry services, and even our own pharmacy are just the beginning of what we’re excited to make available to our community. 

Stay tuned here as our story develops! We consider it your story as much as it is ours.